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Closed my low CL Cap One card.

Good riddance. It wasn't going to grow.

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Re: Closed my low CL Cap One card.

well congrats! 

on too bigger and better things.

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Re: Closed my low CL Cap One card.

high_lander wrote:

Good riddance. It wasn't going to grow.

A lot of members including myself got CLI on our Cap One through the Executive Office, did you not want to try that route? 

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Re: Closed my low CL Cap One card.

Yep. I would've tried the EO route. My low-limit Cap One I'd had for almost 6 years is now a Venture World Mastercard. It's like having a completely new card, without any hard pull.

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Re: Closed my low CL Cap One card.

I have Cap1 secured for about 1 year now and haven't received any cli nor any unsecured offers. I tried calling EO and it was a waste of time. Thinking about cancelling my cap1 as well.

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Re: Closed my low CL Cap One card.

Moving on to better things! :smileyhappy:

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Re: Closed my low CL Cap One card.

There has actually been a lot of success around here with e-mailing the executive office, myself included. I was able to get annual fees waived permanently on two of my cards, and that was all I requested. Unfortunately, their secured cards seem to be sticking to the need for an extra deposit for cli.

Cap One may still need work in several areas dealing with the customer, but they do seem to be working on revisiting their policies. Don't give up on them yet!
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Re: Closed my low CL Cap One card.

I had two Cap1 cards. Weirdly enough, when I did close my secured card ($201 limit) my FICO score jumped 30 points.....I really don't know why. But hey, whos complaining?


I got a CLI from the execs office on the second one.

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Re: Closed my low CL Cap One card.

 Can someone please pm me the email address? Thanks


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Re: Closed my low CL Cap One card.

As mentioned a billllliiiooooon times, simplly hit the googlenator for 'capital one executive office email'.  :smileywink:

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