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Comenity Website CLI - SP Or HP?

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Comenity Website CLI - SP Or HP?

Is requesting a CLI on Comenity's website a SP or HP? For J.Crew specifically.

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Re: Comenity Website CLI - SP Or HP?

They are all SP's but they are sooooo stingy with increases.  Like you'll be lucky to get a CLI once a year with those bozos.  I kinda of hate that I opened up some of their cards.  

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Re: Comenity Website CLI - SP Or HP?

How old is the account? If it's a new account, don't even bother.


I've heard 9 months and then you can request every 3 months after the first. SP only.

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Re: Comenity Website CLI - SP Or HP?

SP for Jcrew.  I just got a CLI.  I only get them about every 6 months if I use the card for some purchases.   Typically, the CLI is for $200 each request.  I have other Comenity cards that occasionally get an auto CLI thats higher than $200.  They like you to use their cards frequently.  

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Re: Comenity Website CLI - SP Or HP?

I just opened two accounts with them because they were SPs and for utilization purposes. I haven't used them yet since I opened though, I plan on closing them in like 6-9 months probably. They're pretty much useless.

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Re: Comenity Website CLI - SP Or HP?

I have decent limits, but Ive had my exp&anf card since 06&07. Lol
The clis are sps, and tbh, they havent actually softed my report in at least a year or two.
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Re: Comenity Website CLI - SP Or HP?

My J Crew card has more than doubled in a years time. The one time I was softed was around 5 months after getting the card. I initiated the increase and they pulled Transunion.

In my experience, Comenity seems to base auto CLIs on your relationship with them without softing you. When I requested a CLI through their luv button, I was NOT softed for Victoria's Secret or another card (can't recall which one). Also, my increases with them have been generous. But what constitutes generous or stingy is all relative I guess.

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Re: Comenity Website CLI - SP Or HP?

I can't speak for jcrew, but I do have the Victoria's Secret card through them.  I got it late last March (so it's probably a year old now) and it started at $500 through a shopping cart pop up pre-approval.  


I requested my first CLI in early November and it went up to $700 (there was a delay of a day or two before I got a response) and I just requested one again through the site and was instantly approved for another $300 bringing my CL to $1000 - didn't have to wait, it just loaded up right after clicking submit!  


I've always heard that they're easy to get CLIs with, although they may be "small" by some standards, I'm happy to see a 100% increase in a year through two requests that were both soft pulls!


Admittedly my VS card sees frequent action which may help.  It gets used several times a year to take advantage of different specials, lots of small orders.

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Re: Comenity Website CLI - SP Or HP?

DW has a Lane Bryant card from them...two cli's in a less than a year...400 to 600 to 850.


No hard pulls...either a soft pull or no pull... (I'll confess that I don't pay that much attention if it isn't a hard pull...)

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Re: Comenity Website CLI - SP Or HP?

Mine is at 5k

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