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Community Poll: Paper or E-Statements?

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Community Poll: Paper or E-Statements?

Which do you prefer, paper statements or e-statements?


For me, everything is paper, with one exception (it pays a slightly higher rate for deposit accounts with e-statement only).


I pay everything online, but still prefer to receive the paper statements.  I like hard copy records, and I see no reason to use my equipment, my electricity, my ink and my paper, and (most of all) my time to print out statements unless there is a monetary benefit to me for doing so.  


The "save a tree" stuff is BS, they still send all the promo stuff anyways.  All that's being saved is printing and postage costs for the credit card companies, with the added bonus of potential fees for those times you may forget to check your email (or it doesn't get delivered) or your online account. 


My attitude would change if my mail was prone to theft, but it is not.


Comments?  Questions?  Concerns?  Ham sandwich?


I await your responses...








Carry on...







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Re: Community Poll: Paper or E-Statements?

I was paperless for a while but went back to paper. I can no longer open any of my Citi statements online. There is no PDF option. So I need paper for that. Penfed went to 50 cents for paper I chose paperless but they still send me paper. I could do without all the advertisements they all send but I want paper now.
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Re: Community Poll: Paper or E-Statements?

Only get E-statements if you are well organize, and check your accounts and emails often.  Going paperless means less statements in the mail and it limits being a victim of identify theft. 


I been receving all my statements online for many many years. 

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Re: Community Poll: Paper or E-Statements?


For those who want to keep records of their statements and don't trust the banks to not "accidentally" lose them, bring up the PDF version of your statements, save to a CD, and make the CD your file cabinet.
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Re: Community Poll: Paper or E-Statements?

I'm pretty O-C about checking my accounts every day, as well as email frequently, but I still prefer paper statements, pretty much for the same reasons UBUP cited above - I want hard copies but don't fancy using my toner, paper and printer to produce them.
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Re: Community Poll: Paper or E-Statements?

Paper. Too easy to miss an email.
Here we go again...
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Re: Community Poll: Paper or E-Statements?

I actually "like" both.  I like the convenience of being able to pull anything I need up on screen.  On the other hand, I like a hard copy in the files too.



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Re: Community Poll: Paper or E-Statements?

Weighing towards paper. As a business owner, I need hard copies of everything. Either I print it up or let them print it. Cheaper if they do it. I choose to receive paper statements, but rely on online info to pay bills, check balances, etc. I have stacks and stacks of unopened statements and process them quarterly. As long as the online account matches the statement, then I'm good to go.
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Re: Community Poll: Paper or E-Statements?

Pro-Paper Statements.
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Re: Community Poll: Paper or E-Statements?

Paperless, I like the privacy. 
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