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Concerned about new accounts

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Re: Concerned about new accounts

Uborrow-Upay wrote:

No, it would not.


Being responsible means paying the nut on each card on time, every time.


Owing nothing means nothing in credit card world.  But if you're actually using those cards, and not just for a stick of gum every so often, and you're paying them off in full each and every month for a while,...then, that's something.


While payment history is the most important, I have had a few analysts say that all the cards reporting a zero balance is a good thing to them.



shadow2k wrote:

jnkp2001 wrote:

Also, they LOVE interest.  Throwing them a bone every now and then(not paying them off completely every time, But alaways on time!), goes a long way in getting trust with your cards....Smiley Wink

Are you really encouraging someone to pay interest on a credit card?  Smiley Mad


Please don't do that.  It's just...wrong.  The CC companies make money from the merchants every time you use their card.  They don't need to dig into your pockets for more.

I was about to say something like this. I have gotten multiple increases without paying any interest or barely using the card. If carrying a balance in unavoidable that is different, but never pay interest because you think it will make the credit card company happy. The only time they lose money on you is with the high cashback categories. If you were to only use the Chase Freedom for the 5% categories, they woud be losing money on you. Still though, there is no reason to waste money to get favor with these companies.

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