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Confusing credit report inquiries info.

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Confusing credit report inquiries info.

On 8/27/07 I bought a car from my favorite car dealer (hahaha). And, like all of us, inquiries on TU via TC increased from 6 to 11. And EQ increased from 9 to 11, also via TC. It really irritated me because I had a long talk with my sales guy and said I did not want a lump of inq.'s showing up ) So, of course the inq.'s showed up as i said above and every time I updated my TC reports it just irritated me more until I decided to mail in a dispute to TU and said that they did not have PP and I wanted them removed. This was done on 10/15/07. I received a response, via snail mail, dated 10/18/07. In effect it gave me the same old run around we all get regarding inquiries. I decided I was not going to give up so, the same day I sent another CMRRR asking if it was possible to recode these inquiries to soft pulls.
Yesterday I decided to give MYFICO.COM another $38.23 and looked at the inquiries, shock is the only word that comes to mind when I see that TU inquiries are down to 2. The others are now listed as "soft".
Now, I'm not saying that TU has a heart, but it is probable.
FICO scores on November 17, 2014 (prior to applying for and being approved my mortgage)


FICO scores on March 4, 2015 after being approved for mortgage and buying the home, the mortgage isn't yet reporting.
EX- 689 EQ- 739 TU- 739
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Re: Confusing credit report inquiries info.

jackg wrote:
every time I updated my TC reports
TU inquiries are down to 2.

This is what's known as Cause and Effect.
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