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Re: Coolest looking credit cards????

My CSP gets a lot of inquisitive questions, the weight and no numbers on the front almost always trip the waitress up so I'll have to go with the CSP although my old Amex Green card is just a classic... Too bad the rewards suck as it looks so much betterbthan my PRG
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Re: Coolest looking credit cards????

I just got my CSP in the mail last week. I love it's weight. I keep taking it out my wallet to look at it. The Zync is pretty cool too. I think it's the pearly white color and the fact that it's Amex!

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Re: Coolest looking credit cards????

i def. think my Zync card looks cool, although, for some odd reason i have gotten more compliments on my Freedom card for it being really "shiny" lol i cant wait to get the CSP, wonder what they would say then?

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Re: Coolest looking credit cards????

Everyone has a Chase Freedom card. And, the ostentatious Emirati card looks fake because that image is definitely CG. Ironically, I've never been anywhere "Ahmad Abdallah" would be a common name - and I'm from Egypt.

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Re: Coolest looking credit cards????


Discover It


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Re: Coolest looking credit cards????

My Zync gets the most love when I'm out and about from friends, waiters and bartenders. Just so classy looking!

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Re: Coolest looking credit cards????

Coolest looking?
AMEX Centurian -- saw one in the bar last got attention because its so different.
CSP -- nice card...


The one I like the best in my wallet is my BCE... may not look pretty (I think it looks flimsy myself) but it does have MY name on it :smileyhappy:

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Re: Coolest looking credit cards????

I don't think anything tops the Palladium card in the look & feel department, not even the AmEx Centurion. I have never NOT received a comment when handing it to someone, which actually gets to be pretty annoying especially when they start handing it around.

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Re: Coolest looking credit cards????

amercnchopz34 wrote:

The only reason I keep my cap one card  is because of the picture of my daughter on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just made my DD an AU on my Cap1 card and gave it to her to help build her credit. It has a custom pic on it of me riding my horse. When her AU card came in, I thought that perhaps they'd give her their generic design. Nope... she has to look at a pic of me every time she uses it. I've decided that maybe that's not such a bad thing... think twice about that purchase -- Mom is watching, LOL!!!


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Re: Coolest looking credit cards????

Though I'd never carry one- I think the Barclays VISA BLACK card is pretty sharp looking.  I've seen just one in person and the texture, look and feel of it was impressive.  Shame that the carbon card cost $495 to carry with very little perks.  Amazingly I find the Citi Diamond Preferred card to be one of my best looking cards.  

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