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Costco website discount + app for Costco AMEX

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Costco website discount + app for Costco AMEX

apped for costco amex-- waiting XD will update as soon as i know 


oh NOOO i think i wasted an app, apping with out reading up on it is not my style, i just got so cought up in the costco moment i pulled the trigger- still no answer yet. chances for approvel with zync hard limit open... slim 


I have only been a member of costco for three months, so I am still getting used to the things to buy from here and those to pass on... TIRES are a must buy from here..


My current tires have about 3K left on them but all the rain had me thinking to replace them now, I thought I would take my shinny new costco card online and take a look. I did my homework read what brands offer the best rides and what was safe on my car... In the end I went with a compromise of price and safety. I decided to order them online so I can have them shipped to the closest store and have them put on. Costco comes with life time balance with purchased tires installed at their stores for a fee of 14 per tire plus CA tire tax and disposal fee. All total 474.96 BUMMER I need them so I wanted to put them on a CC for points BUT I find out that Costco only takes American express OK, no big deal the amex it is. I only have amex Zync not the best points card BUMMER again ( I need a better amex card, Costco perhaps) anyway I fill out all the info and click the next button for the review page... Everything looking in order right tires right size, load and speed rating.. Then I seen something that amazed me a less promo code line in the total section. What even promo code costco gave me was 400 off !!!! Something the website did on its own .... Total order 4 tires installed and balance with tire tax and fees 76.01 clicked purchase so FAST. Below is a pic of the email I received from them about the order, had to share this with you guys... What are the chances that costco will honor this price ? Again to make this post myfico and CC approved COSTCO only takes AMEX :]


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Re: Costco website discount + app for Costco AMEX

I always compromise Price and Safety when I shop for tires - great work!

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Re: Costco website discount + app for Costco AMEX

 I laughed at that too.. I could have gone full winter tire plus run flat would been the other "SAFER" option that a Firestone store tried to sale me on. I was advised to steer clear of winter tires BC the of my location. I can experience all four seasons in one day in CA so went all seasons and was told a run flat was an expensive bandaged ( can dive up to 50 miles on a flat) and since I am a AAA member I did not think  was needed as well as my car has a FULL size spare.. Its not like i was scraping the bottom of the tire ben sort to speak this giving up a "safer" winter tire and "safer" run flat was my compromise.. I took the advice from a family member who owns a small auto shop, as well as one of the guys in the parts department at the auto dealership I worked at sometime ago. I was told tho that the model I bought could need to be change as early as 25K miles but buying from costco its covered ill get new tires or prorated the difference if they need to be changed b4 50K

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Re: Costco website discount + app for Costco AMEX


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Re: Costco website discount + app for Costco AMEX

cost card is a pretty sweet card especially if you have a tax id number Smiley Wink becomes 4% gas card as well =)

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Re: Costco website discount + app for Costco AMEX

What in the world happened in this thread?
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Re: Costco website discount + app for Costco AMEX

not completely true. 


costco does take visa/mc but they have to be debit cards only. 

credit wise amex only.... 


gl on your app. 

crossing my fingers in feb for mine. 


if denied though its only a soft pull. 

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