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Credit Card Prequalify sites

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Credit Card Prequalify sites

Hi all!


I was surfing through BOA website and Citi site last night to see if they still offer prequalify for any of their cards out of curiousity.  I can't find for BOA, so i checked here, and used the self inquiry.  Comes up doesn't exist any longer.  I have a Citi Drivers Edge and wanted to see if i prequalified for any other offers, and can't find anything there but the invitation number if you were solicited.


Did BOA take this feature out?  Citi's website has completely changed, and is a bit confusing to navigate.  I liked the old site better.  Haven't used the new website before tonight, because i rarely use my Citi card.


Anyone else have any updates if they are still offered by these 2 banks, or did they delete this feature?



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Re: Credit Card Prequalify sites

I never knew there was one for Citi, but BofA had one. In fact as of just a few weeks ago, I tried it out of curiosity. I went to BofA and can no longer find it.

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Re: Credit Card Prequalify sites

BOA just removed the pre-qualify thingy. In-fact I had that URL bookmarked, but as soon as I click on it now it returns "Internal server error"...

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Re: Credit Card Prequalify sites

Two weeks ago when i logged into my checking account, there on the sidebar where messages are placed was a message that said "new see if you pre-qualify for a credit card"(I have a mastercard with world points). It was there for a few days and then ti was gone.

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