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Credit Card Via Soft Pull?!

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Re: Any Negative in Getting A Credit Card Via Soft Pull?!

I tried the VS checkout trick and got a pre-approval for 1K several days ago. Unfortunately got the 7-10 day message. No HP has shown up yet.

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Re: Any Negative in Getting A Credit Card Via Soft Pull?!

XxRaVeNxX wrote:

1. I don't think anyone was adamant about anything. Do you know the definition of this word?


2. Technically, they don't ask for the social. Just the last four digits. (And some people determine a hard pull is made, if they ask for all nine digits). Your rationale is the equivilant of saying they ask for my address, when all they did was ask for my zip code.


3. Why are you so butthurt and emotionally involved in this thread, to bring it back up and reply and have nothing of substance or value to add to the topic, with the intention it seems to argue. That's the epitome of a troll.

When you tell someone that no ss# is required, it means you don't have to divulge that information period.  But having to verify the last few numbers of your ss# is divulging it.  So why not supply that tidbit of information so that others on here know for sure that they will be verified?  That's my point and your point in #2 above is comparing apples to oranges.


There is no butthurt, no emotions, or trolling from me. It's really odd that you would say that.  But could a troll be a person who copy and pastes information here as if it were there own from a totally different forum without acknowledging where and how they got that info?  Kind of like the very post that starts this thread?  


As for what I post here, I really try to give back anything that I've learned on my own as well relay other info that I may have learned elsewhere.  That is hardly troll activity.  The only difference is that I put in my own words what needs to be said and give credit where credit is due.  

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