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Credit Card after Foreclosure

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Credit Card after Foreclosure

Have anyone recieved a CC after a foreclosure? Or know a credit card company who is foreclosure friendly? That is the only bad thing on my credit report. It happen 2+ years ago. I have 4 revolvong acct balances are low, close to zero. All in good standing. No late payments. and Student loans. Thanks


Eq 687 Ex 666 TU 708. 

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Re: Credit Card after Foreclosure

Welcome to the forum.   Just to acknowledge your post...I would think a foreclosure is treated the same as any other derogatory.  I have no knowledge of foreclosures or how the tradeline is reported. If you have an outstanding balance reporting, despite your decent scores, I think it would be hard for one to obtain new credit as lenders fear a lawsuit could be looming.  
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