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Credit Limit Increase

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Credit Limit Increase



I am trying to increase my available credit so I don't look like a such a big risk to lenders since my credit amounts and history are small. I have a WF cc for 1500 and a CapitalOne with $500 limit. Does requesting for credit increases affect your credit score or what negative affects are there to doing so? The cards carry a minimal balance (<5%) but i do not use them often. Credit score is OK at 700. Any advice would be great!



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Re: Credit Limit Increase

1.  They usually pull credit before making a CLI decision.

2.  Cap One automatically gave my son his CLI's after a few months of having a card.  I think it was 6 months for the first card, and 3 months on the second card.  I don't remember.  (He was excited that it happened without being requested!) 

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