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Re: Credit Limits for incomes less than $30k...

I reported a meager 12,000 on my apps..and got the following limits listed in my sig.


I truly want up to 6k (half of my current income right now.) in credit and then no more for a while. 

Bank of America: Cash Rewards.-1,000. 4/25/12 (CLI Increase 6/15/13), Citi: Forward- 3k. 10/27/12 (CLI on 2/8/14, SP). Discover: More- 2k. 10/27/12 (Increase 6/1/14). Amex: PRG- NPSL (closed 12/13/13). 11/24/12. Chase: Freedom. 5/1/13- 2.4k. Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus.-3.6k. 6/15/13. Amex BCE-2k. 12/7/13. Amex SPG-4k.12/8/13. Last App: 1/8/14.
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Re: Credit Limits for incomes less than $30k...

My income is above 15k but below 20k all of my limits are listed in my signature.
Amex B.C.E. - $2.5k - N.C.F.C.U.M.C. - $5k - Amex Gold - NPSL/35k P.O.T. - Discover More - $12k - Sam's Club M.C. - $10k -
Walmart M.C. - $7.5k - Citi T.Y.P. - $10k- Chase Freedom - $5k -
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Re: Credit Limits for incomes less than $30k...

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My first job I had a salary of around $30k and my limits were mostly in the low thousands.  That was over a decade ago though, so maybe not that relevant today..

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Re: Credit Limits for incomes less than $30k...

My income flucuates between 29k and 35k because of commission. 


I use $33.5k on credit applications. See my limits below.

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Re: Credit Limits for incomes less than $30k...

I think long flawless history and high scores will help with getting big limits.

The best way to get to big limits faster is to open a secured cc and max out the deposit. Show lenders that you're responsible with the limit for 6-12 months and then apply. Most lenders will either match or double your current highest limit to win your business.

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Re: Credit Limits for incomes less than $30k...

shalane85 wrote:

Thats awesome Smug. I will be at a low income for several years (medical school + residency) but afterwards I shouldn't have a problem getting higher limits. Honestly my 16K is enough.

Residents still pull down like 70k right? It isn't like it was 15 years ago when residents made like 25k...

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