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Credit One Experian Score Question?

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Credit One Experian Score Question?

Hi I have finally received and activated my credit one credit card. I activated it and they say they provide you with your credit score montly. I figured a FAKO but on the registration page it says:


Credit Score Tracking: Terms of Use/Credit Score Authorization

Important Information:
Credit One Bank does not prepare your credit score, and has no responsibility for its accuracy or for the accuracy of any of the information upon which your credit score is based (except for items we may have reported). Your credit score is provided to us by Experian (a credit reporting agency). If you believe your credit report is incomplete or contains inaccurate information, you should contact Experian directly at 1-866-673-0141 or visit to correct the information.


It says they get the score from Experian? Is this the hard to get Experian FICO or another FAKO?

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Re: Credit One Experian Score Question?

Most likely a FAKO. If it does not clearly state FICO it is a FAKO. EX can provide lots of different scores, let us know when you find out which one it is.
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Re: Credit One Experian Score Question?

Bound to be their FAKO, I'm afraid. Last I heard from Those Who Know, no CC offers an Experian FICO.

There's the question about Sears starting to, although perhaps it will be the CC-enhanced FICO. Still checking on that one.
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