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Credit Profile as of 1 March 2010

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Credit Profile as of 1 March 2010

Hey all, Just got approved for a Chase Freedom this morning! 1k CL. Got the 30 day message when I apped online. CSR toldme I had been denied when I called in using the backdoor number. I asked her for a recon, she put me on hold for about 2 mins and came back with the YES for 1k!!!. I also got approved for 2k CL Discover More card last week. I think I am pretty set on CC's for now so long as these cards give steady CLI every 6 months or so. I also canceled my Orchard card this week. I just refuse to pay $40 a year for a measly $400 CLI with a perferct track record with them. But it did it's job and it was time to bury it. But here is my credit breakdown:


Military Star: CL: 6600 Bal: 0 AF:0

Capital One: CL: 1500 Bal: 215 AF: 40

Discover More: CL:2000 Bal: 0 AF: 0

Chase Freedom: CL:1000 Bal: 0 AF:0


Tell me what you guys think! Also my EQ score is now a 679, just haven't updated it in my sig yet. This forum is the best. Don't know what I would do without it!


Starting Score:TransUnion: 698 (12 FEB 2010), Equifax: 674 (12 FEB 2010)
Current Score (Lender Pulled):TransUnion: 684 (12 SEP 2016), Equifax: 696 (12 SEP 2016), Experian: 679 (12 SEP 2016)
Goal Score:All scores All scores at least 700+ by December 2017!!

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Re: Credit Profile as of 1 March 2010

Congrats! You have a nice portfolio of cards. WTG!
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