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Credit card cancelled

my wells fargo credit card got canceled with a balance of 2800 ive been trying to pay it off and was wondering how much this has hurt my rating, before this i had a few medical bills on my credit rating with a negative rating. i notice i dont get approved for other things so im guessing im below some limit. and im looking at moving out soon. but cant with bad credit. how do i deal with the credit card do i send a letter after i pay it off to get it reinstated? im not sure what to do. cept that if i do get it back to not use it as foolishly as before.
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Re: Credit card cancelled

As long as it has a balance, it is hurting your util something bad.


Do you have other CC? What is your util on those?


Closed accounts with balances are still included in util calculations, but no CL is included. So, you have $2800 added in your balances, but no CL from that card added in.



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Re: Credit card cancelled

Had you missed payments on the card before they closed it?

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Re: Credit card cancelled

yeah i have another card a chase witrh a balance of 375. and i have missed payments on the wells fargo which is why they cancelled it. Do i send them a letter to try and reinstate it after i pay most of it off will that make my crdit go up right now my credit score is 591
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Re: Credit card cancelled

How long had you had the WF card? How many missed payments did you have and when did they occur? What was your utilization % (aka what was your CL)?
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Re: Credit card cancelled

I seriously doubt they will reinstate esp with lates unless you PIF

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