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Credit card hold at gas station

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Re: Credit card hold at gas station

OMG I was wondering the same thing -- is this regional? Because in the metro DC area, it's just a $1 preauthorization charge, which disappears within 24 hours.

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Re: Credit card hold at gas station

I have found that Shell always holds $100 if I pay at the pump, QT and RaceTrac are both $1. 


Memories though... I remember back when I only had a debit card, In Texas DFW area, I always used RaceTrac and they held $1. I went on a vacation to see a friend of mine in Phoenix, needed to put a little gas in his truck and just paid at the pump like usual, was looking at my account online right before I went to go rent a car for the road trip we were going to do and found a $100 hold on there!!! I was furious!!! I bought $5 worth of gas and they torpedoed my entire trip because now I didn't have enough to cover the rental car (they had a high hold policy themselves) I had planned to get later in the day...


Now that I have gobs of available credit, it doesn't bother me, but I feel sorry for the millions of people that have to deal with things like that... Such a racket!!

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Re: Credit card hold at gas station

I have seen stickers on gas pumps that address this. The stickers say that it is not the station but the banks who are putting a hold on. I always thought that sounded wrong, not after read this thread I am fairly sure those stickers are wrong. I know most say don't us gas only cards, but this for me is another reason I keep a few and use them. They can put a hold on my BP gas card, chances are it will be two weeks until I need gas again, and even at $100 I have several fill ups to go. Also I don't worry about skimmers, since a gas only card isn't worth it, and most now give 2-5 cents off per gallon so I still realize some savings.

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Re: Credit card hold at gas station

Informative thread. In my area of the country my American Express gets hit for $100 or $75 hold for $6 dollars worth of gas every time. When I use my Holiday Gas Card they give me $0.05 cents a gallon off at the pump and 5% off of most grocery items. Otherwise I see the $1 hold for three days.
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Re: Credit card hold at gas station

Costco is refreshingly up front about this, which is another reason (apart from their price on regular unleaded being the lowest in town, and the fact that they sell Top Tier gasoline which is recommended for my particular make/model). They have stickers on all their pumps stating that they will put a temporary hold on debit cards for the greater of $100 or the cost of the gasoline pumped, and that when the pumping is done, an immediate (the word is bolded on the sticker) notification will be sent to the bank to unlock the hold; after that, it's up to the bank to process the transaction.

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Re: Credit card hold at gas station

I was just wondering about this. I used my discover at the pump on the 17th. There was an immmeiate 1.00 pending charge. As of today that is still there and the actual amount I pumped has not even shown up. Not even as a pending charge. Thankfully my hold is only 1.00. 

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Re: Credit card hold at gas station

Everyone is thinking it is the bank, but it's not.


It is actually the gas station's discretionary hold, and it varies depending on the card. Debit cards, for example, will often get higher holds (and declines if the balance isn't high enough), and a prepaid card may get a hold for $100 or the entire balance of the gift card, with some arbitrary absolute minumum like $25 that it would decline the card. This is all the gas station avoiding loss from chargebacks, or fraud ($1 hold on a $5 balance gift card for example, and then a decline to process the whole amount of like $30).


My best advice is to find gas stations that still only put a $1 hold at the pump on credit cards AND debit cards.


Shell is the only gas station near me that puts the $99 hold. 

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Re: Credit card hold at gas station

What gas station hold 1.00 pending charge?

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Re: Credit card hold at gas station

I'm near Philly and typically holds do not occur unless I get gas at one of the grocery store chain stations (for example Giant puts a $100 hold on my CC each time). Anywhere else I get gas, Wawa, Sunoco, Costco, Shell I never notice a hold placed. So weird!

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Re: Credit card hold at gas station

Just tested this morning. Paid inside instead of at the pump. Same Amex card. NO HOLD!
That's what I'll be doing from now on!
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