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Kilj0y look back at the previous posts in this thread. Some of us have had great success with the site. Others have not gotten offers that they wanted. It would seem that your chances might be better than someone who was not offered BCE but as always YMMV. There's never a guarantee that you'll be approved for a card, but the site is legit. Remember the sign up bonus is better than you would get otherwise. good luck if you decided to apply.
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How accurate is this site?  Just put in my info (left off SSN with no problem) and all the cards they pulled up were AMEX cards. The BCE one first which I was recently denied for like a week ago...effy.

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I just tried it and got offered:

Capital One

First Premier


Go Me!!!! Smiley Happy

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There are folks on this site who get prequalified offers on sites like Discover or Chase. USUALLY, they get approved though sometimes not with the terms they want (toy limits or high APR). Sometimes, those prequalified folks get DENIED. There's a difference between the soft pull which prequalified you and the hard pull that's done when you actually apply. You could qualify on on the through the soft pull, but maybe not on the hard pull from the cc company. While it's disappointing, to get these kinds of denials, it's just the way the credit game works.
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I would guess the site is fairly accurate.  BUT...I see too many people relying ONLY on scores (which your credit is judged on and potential offers are made by that site).  Keep in mind that there are a lot more variables at play than just your score.  Also keep in mind that the site is making money if you decide to app by their recommendation.

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lpayton wrote: does a soft pull, and then shows you cards you would be likely to be approved for.  My question is, how accurate have any of you found the website to be?  I would like to apply for a better card (best I have is Cap1 rewards with $750 limit), but don't want to take the risk and get a decline.  Any feedback would be much appreciated. 

they are alright in my book! soft pulls and only a few offer for me, which tells me they are really trying to match me with the appropriate in the low 600's so they only usually give me cap one secured and cap one cash cards.  Go for it if you get good cards showing up!

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I used this site for myself and my wife to see what results we would get. 


For my wife, her offers were from:

Amex, Capone, Citi, Discover (pretty much everyone even subprime lenders) 

- Days after we put her info her, she started receiveing "pre approval" offers from Citi and Discover.


For me, my offers were from: 

Amex and Capone. 

- But never received anything in the mail as far as "pre approval" offers. 

But before I put my info in, I already got mail from Amex inviting me to apply for the Gren (which I did and was approved for Green and BCE)


So my guess is, they ( will run it through there system to see if it matches what banks are looking for and then the bank itself will run it and send you a pre approved letter if they want you to apply. 


Hope this helps.... 



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Back in feb before i found this site, i went to and was showed my matched offers. Applied for 2 of their suggestions and was approved. Since finding myfico and learning a bunch of new infos, ive been able to raise my score close to 100 points now. I check often or whenever my score goes up and my offers have gotten better. However, like most have said already, take their offers w a grain of salt: they could simply be pushing for sponsor and more importantly prequal is not the same as preapprove! Even the latter sometimes isnt a sure bet...j

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I just tried it again right now (w/out social) and AMEX no longer appears. 

Im guessing its becuase my score has dropped below 700 since I applied for them on the 1st of July. 

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gnarlycow wrote:


I always wanted to get a BCE AMEX anyway, and the offer had a $150 bonus after spending $500, instead of the published $100 bonus after $1000 in purchases on AMEX official website.

grrrr....   I just got my BCE (and a Blue Sky) last week, I wish I'd known there were better sign-up offers out there!

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