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Declined CLI from Dillard's CC...SHOCKED!

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Declined CLI from Dillard's CC...SHOCKED!

So I called the automated system yest. To see about a CLI on my Dillard's CC which currently has a $350 other GE cards all have had increases and range from $900 - $2000 with very low balances most with 0 balance, because I pay it off in full if I use one of them the following month. I have had the card for 7months now and am very surprised they didn't give me an increase! I only asked for my CL to increase by $250 since all my other ones were at least 300 or more.....anyone else have problem with Dillard's card?

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Re: Declined CLI from Dillard's CC...SHOCKED!

Sorry to hear.......

You would have to wait for the letter and call them about it.

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Re: Declined CLI from Dillard's CC...SHOCKED!

GE can be weird sometimes. Your letter will Tell you why they denied the increase. I would just request another CLI when the time comes. My Dillard's was one of my fastest growing GE limits, and went from a $700 limit at opening (4/2011) to $7.5k (6/2012). I only use it for maybe one $50-80 purchase every 3 months or so, then PIF.

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