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Declined recon - try again?

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Declined recon - try again?

Last week I was declined for CLI, so I called 9939 Cap 1 number today to get more info. The account specialist was polite, but kept mentioning that there is nothing she can do. This runs against what other people experieced, so I am wondering what I might have done wrong.


My CL is $1000 and scores are TU: 684, EQ: 647


Should I just call again? And if so what specifically should I be asking for? 


(this post was split off from the Backdoor Numbers thread)

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Re: Declined recon - try again?

I called last week and was declined also. I was told to wait 3 months and try again. When you do try again make sure your balances are paid down 10% or paid to a 0 balance.
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Re: Declined recon - try again?

I app'ed for a Citi Platimum MC for the 0% BT and was declined.

This morning I called for recon and was told because I was late in the past month, they can't approve me. Told me to apply again in 60 days.

I told the CSR that I have never been late with any creditors in the past few years and I do check my credit report frequently.

She said I have to contact Equifax and dispute the late reporting, then mail my updated report to Citi for recon.


If they're not offering credit or only offering to super credit groups - they should inform people, so we don't waste time and credit pulls.

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Re: Declined recon - try again?



Try this number for CITI- 1-866-544-9851


I called it today to convert and an analyst/supervisor spoke with me right away. Really nice lady and converted no problem. 

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Re: Declined recon - try again?

Hi maks, welcome to the forums!


I would try getting a different CSR on the phone. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I tried 4 different backdoor CSRs to try and have my CL reinstated with BOA, alas to no avail. 


I recently read on the forums that Capital One has stopped doing CLIs altogether on account of the credit crisis. Not sure if this includes the backdoor number, but I would assume it would. 

Here we go again...
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Re: Declined recon - try again?

according to the analyst i spoke with via a backdoor # a couple of weeks ago, cap1 is sending out a boat load of changes in terms notifications over the next couple of months, and so they're hesitant to repsond to customers who are requesting cli's or apr reductions for the next couple of months.


to call again often yields results, but if he was right, the backdoor may be 'closed' for now too.  if you give it another try, i wonder if you'll receive a similar explanation- or perhaps there will be a cli available on your account this time, since clearly this isn't a natural science, YMMV.  GL!

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Re: Declined recon - try again?

Is their a number I can call if I been decline for auto refinance with cap 1? Is it the same number as it is for the credit cards?
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Re: Declined recon - try again?

Called Capital One again yesterday. Right of the bat, the credit analyst says that they are not approving CLI due to poor economy conditions.


I would love to hear if anyone does get CLI. 

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