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Dicks Sporting Goods/GECRB

So as some of you know I decided to keep my DSG card. Today we finally went back to the store and picked up some fishing and Niner gear. At check out, I casually asked the clerk, "Do you recall what the spending threshold is for the 0%?" and he said, "I dont think we have 0% financing."


....I was like WHAAAT.??!?!?!


Is this something I can ask Customer Service about? I have to look for the T&Cs. I remember the signs were everywhere in the store when we got the card, but I didnt see them today. I don't want to get hit with interest!!  I thought it was like other GE cards where you spend X amount you get 0%.


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Re: Dicks Sporting Goods/GECRB

Well PIF? lol
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Re: Dicks Sporting Goods/GECRB

I just spent about 20 minutes looking online in various locations on DSG's website, couldnt seem to find any information to help you.  I would certainly try to find and call the CS number.  I'm sure the number on the back of the card should be able to answer your question. I hope it works out for you.

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Re: Dicks Sporting Goods/GECRB

From what I can tell 0% seems to be a promotion.  Even 0% on Walmart is a promotion needing a coupon good till the end of the year. Length of 0% depending on amount purchased. Keep us updated.

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Re: Dicks Sporting Goods/GECRB

I called GE customer service on the back of my card and the guy said I have to spend about $300-400 to get the 6 months promo. So if its like Lowes and Walmart I want to guess it may be over$299? He said some items may be excluded and I would have to call Dicks customer service to find out the exclusions. 


He did say anything over $1,000 gets 12 months 0% financing. 


I think Im gonna just keep an eye out on my account to see if the promo rate posts. If it doesn't, then I will PIF for my recent purchase.

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