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Dillards Upgrade!

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Dillards Upgrade!

I had my Dillards account sence Jan 2012 and they offered me an upgrade to AMEX Dillards! Does any one know about this?

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Re: Dillards Upgrade!

Lucky! When I asked if the store card was upgrade eligible, they told me you had to reapply. Congrats!

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Re: Dillards Upgrade!

I got my Dillards Amex Rewards card back in May of 2012 and three months later they upgraded me to the American Express Elite Rewards card from Dillards(its black), I get free shipping and gift wrapping with the card plus some other perks, but I needed to spend x amount of money which is not a problem as my original card had a limit of 700 and I used every penny of it for the next 3 months and paid in full each month some months I paid it off twice I think one month I charge over 1400.00. I think you need to spend like 3k before they upgrade you, but my fico was above a 723 when I applied.

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Re: Dillards Upgrade!

Congrats I got my Dillard's AMEX on May 2011. Havent gotten and cli ever since it was opened and is curently standing at $1000. Other than that Dillards has pretty good deals and constant sales for their cardholders.

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Re: Dillards Upgrade!



I actually wasted a HP in July on TU because they told me I had to app in the store, then I got denied for "application already approved"


Dillard's AMEX is a tough cookie to crack.  I have a $7,000 on my Dillard's store card that I've had since 2007!!!!



What was your FICO at time of upgrade btw??

I'd say do it!

Just know that with GE Upgrades, they will close the old tradeline and add a new one to your report :-(

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