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Discover 0% Promo APR on an old account?

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Discover 0% Promo APR on an old account?

I've had a Discover More for years. My APR as long as I recall has been 16.24%. Up until this past July, I really wasn't using the card much. I started using it a lot more often in July, and saw that my current purchases showed up on my next statement with a 0% "promotional purchases" APR. There was no end date listed or anything like that, and I don't recall seeing anything about getting a promotional APR, so I thought maybe that was the way they showed current purchases that were still in the grace period.


I have since been able to tell that it's definitely not how they're showing purchases in the grace period. I dug back through my statements, and this 0% promotional purchases APR first showed up back in October 2011, on a statement where I had received an auto CLI. I don't know if this was a glitch or intentional, but I'm not really interested in calling Discover to find out, LOL.


Has anyone seen this before? Any thoughts on how this may have come to be, or how long it might last?

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