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Discover Card

New Contributor

Re: Discover Card

Im gonna call them tmrw and ask them what the F?...  Negotiate a deal.  This is embarrasing. Lol

EX 733 (Lender Pulled)
TU 745 (Lender Pulled)
EQ 738 (Lender pulled)

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Re: Discover Card

I got approved tonight for the Discover More with a $4K CL.  EQ 716


My highest before that was the Cap 1 for $1400 and change.


Starting score: EQ FICO 8 702 (1/1/2012)
Current scores: EQ FICO 8: 763 / TU FICO 8: 760 / EX FICO 8: 765

Wallet: Chase Freedom 12K - Discover More 12K - Walmart 1K - Capital One MC 1K
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Re: Discover Card

JPersat wrote:

Dang...I have a 668, and only got 1,200!

I have a 682 and only got 1k


i think I was borderline though. I was told to fax docs to them and before I could do that,,they called and asked me some ?s and I got it. Was so happy. 

Starting Score: 601
Current Score: 670
Goal Score: 700

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Re: Discover Card

Alexander251 wrote:

Im gonna call them tmrw and ask them what the F?...  Negotiate a deal.  This is embarrasing. Lol

I'm pretty sure it's the fact that you have 10 credit cards so they see the likelihood of you using there's as slim to none. When I was accepted everything on my report except student loans (which are about 6 years old and all in good standing, never late) was at least 5-7 years old and has since been removed. I also had no credit cards at the time.

In my wallet: Discover More $11,300 11/2/12 | Chase Freedom $500 11/8/12

Initial 10/14/12 (Free Score): TU 621 /EQ 621 /EX 618
Current: 1/13/13 (Free Score): TU 708 /EQ 677 /EX 698
Initial EQ FICO: 670 11/2/12
Current EQ FICO: 698 1/13/13

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Re: Discover Card

Alexander251 wrote:

Very Clean. 

12 open accounts in excellent standing! . 10 CC's and two cars



2x paid off 6 year old verizon lates!  

1x 30 day late car payment from 6 years ago 

1x  6-year old citibank settled cc 


rest is all good. Never late.  Total 27 accounts and a 10 year history.  

Those baddies are still on the report right? Perhaps it's a combination of that and the number of accounts. Still doesn't make much sense though, since your recent history looks really good.

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Re: Discover Card

Well I just was approved and the customer Rep asked a lot of questions and after all that only gave me a $750 CL.

And I have scores in the low 800's and some pretty healthy credit Lines.


Go figure.


The woman interviewing me (and it WAS and interview) told me that because of the Economy (yes she actually said that) and my short history of credit reporting

they would only give me a $750 CL.





Amex Zync NPSL 9/12, Amex CostcoTrue Earnings $10K 9/12
Amex BCE $3K 9/12 (Amex Back Dated to 1983)
Chase Sapphire Preferred $17K 11/12, Chase Freedom $7K 11/12
Discover More $750 11/12
CapitalOne Platinum Secured Card 2K 2/12 (Closed 12/12)
FICO: EQ = 804 EX = 802(Amex) TU = 801(Discover)
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Re: Discover Card

I was just approved for 10k, first card with such a high balance. EQ 708 Smiley Very Happy

(12\11\2012) EQ 708 FICO TU 690 FICO EX 660 FAKO

Never forget what it felt like to be F'd up and you'll always be on top.
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Re: Discover Card

CreditPower700 wrote:

I was just approved for 10k, first card with such a high balance. EQ 708 Smiley Very Happy

Did you apply in response to a pre-approved/selected offer? Or, did you just do a "cold" application?

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Re: Discover Card

I can relate, Discover kept sending me invitations to apply. I was very reluctant, but i finally decided to apply. I never would have imagined i would get a credit line as high as $11,500. My credit scores was around 710, but i still never expected that. I was thinking the most would be $2500.00. I have to say i was very surprised with Discover.   

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