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Discover It 6 Months CLI NO GO

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Re: Discover It 6 Months CLI NO GO

CAlled them the first thing in the morning and no go for me either.......Think about SD my card but i do love their SHOPDISCOVER site.....hmmm

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Re: Discover It 6 Months CLI NO GO

Chaos122 wrote:

Just apped for a cli on my discover it after 6 months hoping for a sp cli.  Requested a 1k increase and after a SP I got a message saying they couldnt do it without a HP and manual review and if i wanted to continue i should accept.  Almost accepted but im in the garden and cant have any more Hp's.

Will try again in 6 months, but im glad they gave tme the option of continuing with a hard pull as opposed to just doing one! A+ for Discover.

I would wait as well...I have 2 more months, so we'll see if I get any luv from them!

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