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Discover More

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Re: Discover More

Congrats! Discover is a great card and I love them for everything except their stupid 5% cashback rhyming commercials. Those things really are terrible and I wish they would just stick with Peggy.

FICO Scores: TU: 768 (Jan 2012), EQ: 755 (Jan 2012 Lender pull)
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Re: Discover More

My Discover More pulled EQ and TU when I app'd.

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Re: Discover More

dowel911 wrote:

My Discover More pulled EQ and TU when I app'd.

Ditto same here EQ and TU both

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Re: Discover More

appbar1114 wrote:

does the $3k min apply to the 5% cash back ?



This is one reason why you may consider the Chase Freedom over the Discover More. The Freedom gives a flat 1%, no need to spend a ceratin amount to get it. This of course still depends on your specific spending habits. You may also consider getting both cards. While their 5% categories do overalp sometimes, having both cards presents no real negatives (neither card had an AF) and provides a good amount of flexibility. Smiley Happy

Chase Freedom
Discover More

Walmart Discover
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