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Discover More

What did it take for you to get approved.  Score?  Limit?  Who did they pull?  I'm thinking that this would be the best card to add to my portfolio and closing my capital one cash rewards with the low limit and AF.


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Re: Discover More

806 Equifax $7500. Seems like a nice company so far
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Re: Discover More

I received a pre-approval in July 2011.

Checked my scores and CR's before app'ing online, scores were 685-715 across the different channels.

Called the number, gave invitation code and all that, annual net income, monthly rent.

Approved for 3,500. What's funny is that the CSR asked if that'd be enough! I said yes, not wanting to sound needy!


They pulled either Experian or Equifax. I can't recall. Pretty sure Experian, sounds right for some reason.

I've had a balance on it ever since, grow gradually with their 18 month 0% offer.

2 increases automatically in past year, but will request one once I pay my remaining balance off.

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Re: Discover More

690 on Equifax.  got a 7500 limit.  I was shocked since i wasn't in the 700 club yet . . .

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Re: Discover More

I had like 712-713ish on Equifax and that's who they pulled for me. Gave me a 2K CL with limited history. Also gave me 0% intro APR for like 15 months. Woo-hoo.




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Re: Discover More

This is sounding very good to me...


Keep them coming!  I can't wait to axe Capital one at this point...

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Re: Discover More

I was at 645 with Experian when I was approved for $1,500 credit line. I've only had it about 6 weeks so no increases yet but hopefully it will grow quickly.

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Re: Discover More

Well let's see, I had one credit  card open for 6 months. No derogs or any negative stuff on my CR's. I am a student with 12,000 income. I bought my TU and EQ scores at the 6 month mark (okay a little after) and they came back at 731 (EQ) and 742 (TU). Decided to pull the trigger anyway and see what happens. They pulled Transunion here in California. Score came back at 739 from Discover but was approved anyways. 1.5k limit. I like it so far, but I only plan to use it for the categories that they have. Good luck. 

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Re: Discover More

665 Equifax and 659 TU at time of pull.  Lots of derogs including a foreclosure that was right at 2 years old, lots of 30 and 60 day lates, 1 CO.  Instant denial, called back door $1k approval, 10 months later $5.7k :-)  Still only at a 698 TU at time of CLI.  I ran $10k through the card in the 9 months prior to CLI all multi payments each month never carried a balance.

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Re: Discover More

I applied online last week.  My EQ was 670 and TU 681.  


I was given the 5-7 day message online, called in backdoor.  They had a couple financial questions, approved for 3k.



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