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Discover not reporting

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Discover not reporting

I'm about to get my second statement from Discover and they're still not reporting to any CRA. Is this common?

Starting Score:TransUnion: 698 (12 FEB 2010), Equifax: 674 (12 FEB 2010)
Current Score (Lender Pulled):TransUnion: 684 (12 SEP 2016), Equifax: 696 (12 SEP 2016), Experian: 679 (12 SEP 2016)
Goal Score:All scores All scores at least 700+ by December 2017!!

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Re: Discover not reporting

i got my Discover in Feb.  didn't get the score watch for a new account until 4/5/10, three days after my 2nd statement

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Re: Discover not reporting

I guess that's what they do. My third statement is about to close and just recently all three started showing up my Discover card. This is actually good, though because, regardless, it appears reporting from the date I opened my account. So, I could have looked for more credit after getting my Discover card and the hit I took from the new account would have not affected Smiley Tongue.

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Current Score: 724
Goal Score : 745

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