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Disliking revolving category cards

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Re: Disliking revolving category cards

SuperKirby wrote:

Probably just me, but revolving category cards have given me a slight headache. I guess I like to manage my expenses in detail on spreadsheets, and the changing categories (i.e. Freedom, Discover) makes it annoying. Just a rant @ 3 in the morn, anyone feel the same? =)

That's precisely why I LOVE my BCP! It fits my spending and the categories never change. I use Discover ONLY when they have a 5% category that appeals to me. For the next 3 months Discover gets my gas purchases. It's highly unlikely but if I ever hit the 6000.00 grocery ceiling with my BCP, I'll switch groceries to Barclay's/Sallie Mae.


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Re: Disliking revolving category cards

MamboItaliano wrote:

I think we'd all like 5% off gas purchases year-round, but that's not happening. 

Yes, you can.  Penfed Cash Rewards gives 5% cahs back on gas.




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Re: Disliking revolving category cards

Open123 wrote:

From my perspective, I just SD them until a category I like pops up.  For example, last year when Discover had 5% for online purchases, I just used amznpayments for the allocation.  Easy 5%.  Aside from that, I'd agree with you there's very limited utility, especially since the caps are so abysmally limiting rendering these as nothing more than "novelty" cards.


Even for gas, unless it's 5% from Freedom, I'd prefer the Inks 2X UR over the 5% cash/credit options.  For a pure gas card, you guys really should look into the Fort Knox one.

This is pretty much what I do. I just have the Discover but I only bring it out when the categories are useful. Used it for the online shopping last year and restaurants earlier this year. 

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