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Do you ever have app remorse?

I just did.


Earlier this month, I applied for the Paypal Extras Mastercard. I was tempted by the 3x points on gas and restaurants. Someone in the myFICO forums pointed out that the point redemption rate wasn't 1:1 but that wasn't a dealbreaker for me so I applied anyway. Approved for $1500, not great but not horrible.


Today, I take the time to read the Reward Program Terms: "accrued Reward Points that are not redeemed will be forfeited 24 months (2 years) after they were first accrued". If I would have known that before, I wouldn't have applied.


Moral of the Story: Research the reward terms BEFORE applying :smileysad:



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Re: Do you ever have app remorse?

Its really not that bad of a card really especially if you do a lot of Ebay or purchase alot of things off other members on forums so you can send paypal.  Plus its backed by GE so the account will grow.  If you were in it solely for the rewards then I can understand

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Re: Do you ever have app remorse?

I have, like the Cap One Best Buy store card - apped in store instant approval of $1500 but now I'm like why....I don't shop there often enough to justify it, guess I'll just have to go get a TV and a few Xbox games or something.

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Re: Do you ever have app remorse?

I sorta do with my Sapphire :/ still don't have it in my hands yet, but it was one of those spur of the moment things while on a "future possible vacation" high...was really looking for those points...I would've wanted to garden a lot longer then go for my 6th card (was looking at the VentureOne for my go-to travel card with no annual fee...yeah yeah i know, it's CapOne, but...). It's alright though! By the time I'll be wanting to do hardcore spending towards travel, I'm sure I'll have offers to upgrade to CSP!

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Re: Do you ever have app remorse?

The Walmart store card I apped for/received with $600 CL. The $20.00 back on your first purchase over $100.00 & 15¢ off per gallon seemed great. Then I remembered a.) I absolutely hate all of the Walmarts near me & b.) the nearest Walmart gas station would cost more in gas just to get there to "save". I guess I will keep my eye on online shipping sales. 

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Re: Do you ever have app remorse?

Don't regret it! The apr sucks on my Paypal MC, but man has my limit grown!!! Just dont carry a balance. The interest is awful! Lol

I regret apping for Citi Diamond Preferred as I got denied :-(
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Re: Do you ever have app remorse?

I regret the app every time I got a denial! :smileyvery-happy: But I think I only regret 1-2 accounts.

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Re: Do you ever have app remorse?

I only regret the denials, I have never applied for a card, I did not want.

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Re: Do you ever have app remorse?

[ Edited ]

Macy's Store Card. :/ I got it because I could get 20 bucks off this trench coat I really wanted, and I was 18 at the time and didn't know it was a "credit" card...thought it worked like a gift card.  My credit line on it is only $100, lmao!  But it's my second oldest tradeline, so I'll just leave it in the sock drawer.

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Re: Do you ever have app remorse?

learn from your mistakes! 

i regret nothing!!! 


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