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Does BoA ever give auto CLIs?

I've had my BoA 123 Cash Rewards Visa since 04/2011 and I haven't received a CLI yet, even though I've put well over $24000 through it so far.  Anybody know if BoA ever gives auto CLIs?  I don't want a customer-initiated CLI, since that would require a hard pull and I'm staying away from inquiries until after I get a mortgage next year.  It would be nice to have a larger CL so I can make bigger purchases with the card.

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Re: Does BoA ever give auto CLIs?

I haven't receive an auto CLI either. General consensus is that no auto CLI from BofA.

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Re: Does BoA ever give auto CLIs?

Haven't had a BofA card since 2008, but I used to get auto CLIs with them.

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Re: Does BoA ever give auto CLIs?

Walt_K wrote:

Haven't had a BofA card since 2008, but I used to get auto CLIs with them.

+1. I've gotten auto CLIs from them in the past, but that was pre-2008. Since then they've been much more conservative about that sort of thing.
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Re: Does BoA ever give auto CLIs?

Funny you posted this today. I have had a Platinum Plus since 2007. NEVER CLI. I burned 1 inq begining of this year for a request CLI, no go. I have both a business account and personal with them since 2006 also :smileymad: which is a whole other series of random charges and issues (i.e. payroll services I never ordered at $36/mo etc). The Visa card is tied to my personal for overdraft protection only, never use it since 2010.


The other day I was invited to switch my accounts over to Chase for a $250 cash bonus for $5k initial deposit (business account). I have a business chase INK card with a fair limit ($2500), and decided I would give BOFA a shot for one last chance. I called their executive offices, and gave them my rant... if they respect me as a client, they will bring my Visa card CL in line with the rest of my cards. They took the message and assured me someone from the executive team will do their best to see what the problem is and try to resolve it. The lady i spoke to was quite nice, so that may be a good sign that they will be sincere in trying their best, or atleast telling me what I've done wrong to them.


If they don't come through by mid-next week, I will open up a Chase account and start rerouting my business through there. It should take me 2-3 weeks to be able to walk into the bank and close all of my accounts there once I open the new Chase account. 


I don't feel I am being unreasonable, since I've never burned BofA in any way, have banked with them and paid all kinds of fees for years, and run between $20k and $80k a month through business account since 2006. Also, my credit is fair between 680 and 700 accross all 3 CRs and Amex, Discover, etc.. all give me fair and decent CL's. And, even if that's not a good reason for me to be demanding, this is important to me that they show some respect to a long time customer and this is their way they can show that to me - it's my money and my choice.


I will update the community if my executive dept. plea worked at all.

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