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Does Chase do card conversions?


Does Chase do card conversions?

  Has anyone had any success with converting from one card to another with Chase?
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Re: Does Chase do card conversions?

Yes, they do conversions.  I inquired about converting via their online msg center and their response was positive.  I chose not to convert b/c the rate was higher.  Below is a snippet of their response.


"Please be advised, we can process a trade of your current
account free of charge for you so you will be able to
maintain your credit line and credit history with no
additional application.


Our records indicate, a different account number will not
be issued as a result of this trade. Therefore, you will
not be required to cancel any automatic billings or
payments currently set up on your account. However, it is
important to note, the benefits and terms of your account
are still subject to change. You will immediately forfeit
any accrued points or miles.


Keep in mind that the trade request will forfeit any
existing balance transfer offers on your current account.
Any unused balance transfer checks will post to the new
pricing terms of the new account.


The new pricing terms will be: ....................."

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