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EQuifax all account's dropped scores shot up by 100 points

I pulled my scores when I was declined by PENFED because I have limited history and I was surpsed... I checked my EQ scores and last they were in mid 640's...


My scores have shot upto 748 in EQ,,.. Very Happy but PENFED Declined me because I have no accounts reporting there hence they think I cant handle crtedit.


Also I applied with USAA and I was declined... with a 748 and reason was Too little history...


My accounts on TU are open from 208 and scores range in 650+ 


Should not do anything and wait and enjoy the 748 score or do something>


Suggestions pls !!

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Re: EQuifax all account's dropped scores shot up by 100 points

nowadays score isnt everything to lenders they also look at the big picture, aaoa baddies inquiries utilization dti etc. do you have any revolving credit aka credit cards? installment loans like car loans, student loans, or a mortgage?

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Re: EQuifax all account's dropped scores shot up by 100 points

I have a car loan .. have credit cards... 1baddie for 30 day late.. been lazy to get hat off my list... slightly heavy on ENQ on Experian but overall decent...


Credit's ben easy so far I'm trying to get one large CC just to ensure I dont over UTL my other cards.... Hence tried PENFED & USAA but got stuck... 


Will recon both but I doubt there is sucess ....


I'm amazed why would they decline with 748 ... 

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