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Ever have trouble choosing .........

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Re: Ever have trouble choosing .........

Creditaddict wrote:

lylesvegas wrote:

I was at the mall the other day and was buying about 150 dollars worth of clothes. I was at the cash register and pulled my wallet out to pay. First thing I think of is what card will give me the best bang for my buck. Then when I see they would all be the same I have to decide. I dont mean to sound foolish but it really took me like 15 seconds to make my decision. Anyone else ever have this problem ?????

Yes except right now I'm not thinking rewards... I'm thinking Approval! I got it wrong today paying for $1 Parking fee! LOL

Did you mean you got declined over a buck?  

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Re: Ever have trouble choosing .........

I thought I was the only one! Smiley Tongue I have to think which is going to give me the best rewards... and what are the statement dates so I don't end up with a balance posting that I don't want. (That has happened because I was so close to the stmt date when I used the card.) I try not to use a card within a week of the statement date, except for the ones that I let a bal report, which are Navy and my 2 Amex. Usually I end up just using my Navy because I feel badly having the cashier wait with their hand out and sometimes there are people in line behind me.


It's kind of ironic because 2 yrs ago, I had ZERO credit cards, so there was no choice. It was my debit card, and that's it.

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Re: Ever have trouble choosing .........

I recently had this problem when buying gas, and then later that day when shopping for a pair of new sneakers. My problem though, is that I now carry around my PRG Amex, my Discover More card, my Chase Southwest and then like 2 of my NFCU cards, plus my debit. Sadly enough, it got so frustrating sitting at the pump that I just swiped my debit card instead. Smiley Embarassed A couple of posts ago, someone said something that made total sense to me. They carry 2 cards around at any given time. I think I will do that now.


And to think, I was just online yesterday looking for a new wallet to hold all of the plastic. I don't need that kind of headache. I don't exactly want to look like a card junkie either in front of co-workers and friends....

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Re: Ever have trouble choosing .........

Right now I'm torn between Discover and CSP for eating out b/c Discover is offering 5% cash back between January and March while I am trying to meet my spend requirement for my CSP bonus. I think I'll spend enough to meet my bonus first and then move to Discover until the quarter ends. 

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