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Re: Experian FICO's are back?!

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Bit the bullet($20) and got it. 682, better than I thought...

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Re: Experian FICO's are back?!

BearsAndTurtlesRtheBest wrote:

@RockinRay you mean many many different FICO scores that they sell based on the lendor??



Yes, auto purchase, mortgage, etc... The article stated that with so many different scores offered based on what you want to buy, that buying the score here is not really accurate.


I know - bubble busting! Sorry...


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Re: Experian FICO's are back?!

Can someone provide a link to purchase a REAL experian FICO score???
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Re: Experian FICO's are back?!

Now that I've had more time to really look over my EX FICO score and report, I see some errors.  For instance, EX removed a positive trade line from a consolidated student loan three years before they should have.  MyFICO also lists my oldest account as 7 years, when according to their own information (which is inaccurate because of the missing student loan), it should be 8 years.  On the other hand, I'm reluctant to dispute any of this because I have a 30 day late on my report for an auto loan that I foolishly co-signed back in my financially ignorant days as a young man and I don't want them to find that the person I co-signed for actually missed a bunch of payments instead of just one.  I don't really know what to do about this.

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Re: Experian FICO's are back?!

Mine was worth the 20 bucks...790!:smileyhappy:


For comparison:


Last REAL score (from AMEX pull 8/12): 779


My Credit Sesame score is 757  743 (Fico estimate from their site is 760)


Plus score from Experian is 766

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Re: Experian FICO's are back?!

yup did the same thing. Glad I can finally compare all 3

codimom wrote:

injustifiiable wrote:

I'm tempted to buy one just for the heck of it...

i was just thinking the same thing!


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Re: Experian FICO's are back?!

Ray did you check yours?

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Re: Experian FICO's are back?!

EX myFICO score-2.jpg


Oh so close......:smileyvery-happy:


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Re: Experian FICO's are back?!

android01 wrote:

EX myFICO score-2.jpg


Oh so close......:smileyvery-happy:


Holy Jesus !!!!!




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Re: Experian FICO's are back?!

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Pulled mines just for the heck of it:smileyhappy: 709 FICO


Pretty close to other pulls

Chase pull in May (score 711)

Credit Sesame (score 718) (score 721)


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