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FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories


Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

I started really looking at my credit in May 2017, and my Vantage scores were in the LOW 600s.  They peaked around 713 in July-August and have settled in around 677-678, per Capital One (TU Vantage 3.0) and WalletHub (TU V3) with very little movement.  They will drop 13-14 points one day and rebound by the same amount a day or two later and that's IT.

Meanwhile CreditKarma's Vantage scores are 664 TU and 571 EQ?!?

AMEX has me at 710 with Experian FICO 8 and MABT has me at 733 on Experian Bankcard 9.0

My mortgage banker pulled scores on me in October that were as follows:

EXP 687 FICO 2.0

TU 663 Classic 4.0

EQ 616 Beacon 5.0


The FICO scores keep climbing steadily, while the Vantage scores are stagnant.  This whole process is maddening.  In the interest of not driving myself nuts, I think I just need to concentrate on keeping balances low, paying accounts down and paying them off completely and as long as my FICO scores keep nudging upward we're good to go.


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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

Welp my Fico8 EQ is up to 717


CK is still bound and determined to keep me at 620 forever


Seems legit.

In the garden since 01/24/18 = Last FICO Update: 03/07/18 = EX 663 = TU 667 = EQ 723 = Everything is better with cowbell.
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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

1 & 2. I get my FAKO score from Cap1 (TU), Credit Karma (TU, EFX) and at one point I tried a month of TU credit monitoring that provides the FAKO score.


3 & 4. I receive my FICO score from EXP.  I can retrieve it real time for a fixed cost.  I can pay extra for EFX or TU.  EFX and TU are FICO 8.  EXP is several models for general lending, automotive and credit cards, but no FICO 9.


I have worked in banking and FINTECH my entire career and am familiar with the different models and histories.  FAKO is useless and will remain that way unless lenders start to use it in rules, weighting or manual underwriting.  I hope that day never comes!

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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

My first experience with FAKO was about 9 years ago. I had credit karma or free credit report.. I forget which one at the time and it told me my TU score was around 690. I went to the car dealership and tried to buy a truck with no luck. The finance guy explained to me that its a blended score and not a true number. He also told me he cant tell me how many people they had to turn down because everyone thinks their score is so much higher. Turns out my FICO 8 was 602. I was not a happy camper. Currently my FAKO TU is 645 but by FICO 8 is 631. Thats the only one thats higher. My EQ is about 30 points less per Credit Karma

Starting 3/1/17 TU 599 EQ 609 EX 613
Current:FICO 8: TU 652 EQ 679 EX 682
CC: Cap1 QS 3500| Wells fargo 2500| Cabelas 2000| Cap1 spark 2000| paypal mc 2500|cap1 Plat 300
Goal : 720 across the board
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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

I always wondered why the scores vary.  I just signed up on as they seem most accurate, I hope? How accurate is myfico?  The other thing is I asked a lender which fico score model they use and they didn't know...doesn't sound right, I would think they would know.  Thanks for the insight Smiley HappySharon

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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories


  • Where did you get your FAKO score?

Credit Karma. 

  • Which FAKO score did you receive and from which bureau?

TU: 634 & EQ: 654

  • Where did you get your genuine FICO® Score?

Credit Check Total

  • Which FICO® Score did you receive and from which bureau?

TU: 688 (+54), EQ: 758 (+104), EX: 749

  • What type of loan/credit were you applying for? (type, rate, terms, etc. are all helpful)

Credit Cards! Just trying to gage what I may qualify for because I started receiving pre-qualifications for Tier 3/Travel cards

  • Share your FAKO story (What was your first impression when you received your FAKO score? How did you figure out that it was not a FICO® Score or that it was different than a FICO® Score? How did the FAKO score impact your loan/credit experience? )

I was really shocked! I knew my experian was high through However, I wasn't expecting such a big difference with TU, since I have 6 medical charge-offs. I expect a score improvement, once I dispute them. I'm glad I was able to see my TRUE score for only $1!!!! 


10/15/17: TU: 573 (Vantage 3.0), EQ: 661 (Vantage 3.0), EX: 699 (FICO 8)
3/19/18: FICO 8 TU: 688, EQ: 758, EX: 749

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