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FNBO has pissed me off for the 1st time!

Ok, I have the FNBO AMEX and so far I have loved the card. I have 0.00% apr until March 2014. Back in April, before they changed their online banking system, I transferred a Cap 1 balance with no issue. Paid it off and was pleased. Now I have 5 different store cards that carry a balance and GE's apr is horrible so I was like let me transfer these balances and then take my time to pay them off. Well I go to the online banking to set up the balance transfers and it wont let me do it! Now you have to have a special offer code in order to do it online. Now let me back track a little bit, the beginning of Aug I received the checks in the mail and a letter reminding me my 0% apr is good until March and take adavntage of the balance transfer yada yada yada. IT list three ways to do the balance transfer: Over the phone, use the checks or do it online.


It doesnt list a special offer code ANYWHERE on the letter. So I called FNBO after spending an hour trying to do this online only to get frustrated. The lady tells me that you can only do BT online when you have a code but she can do it over the phone. I said not true, initially I wasnt asked for an code in April this is new. And seeing that you all just sent me a letter listing online as a way to do my BT whats my offer code. She states you have to get one in the mail and we mail it every 3 months or so. Really? but she can do my BT over the phone. Sorry Ma'am, I am at work and I am not about to read out 5 long card numbers and take two hours to do this by phone. What happen to the convienance of online? I have had this card since Feb 2013 and NEVER received an offer code, only checks, encouraging me to use the BT feature for the 0% interest.


Anybody else had this issue? Anybody have the same AMEX wth an offer code I can use LOL this is so frustrating!!!!

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Re: FNBO has pissed me off for the 1st time!

I get those wretched cheques all of the time. I do believe that there is a code on the paper to type into the box when you attempt a balance transfer online.

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