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Re: FR?

To this day I don't know the reason and I asked why.  The answer I got was that sometimes new accounts get FR'd.  I personally believe is that it had to do with the types of accounts reported on my CR.  I had Credit One, Orchard as open TLs with relatively low limits and on my app I reported an income of +100K.  The numbers didn't jive I guess.  That's my best educated guess. 

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Re: FR?

AMEX is not the only card issuer that wil request financial documentation.  They do it more frequently then others.


One of the triggers I know of or at least for me was requesting too many CLIs for 3 of my credit cards over a short amount of time.  I had $75K in unsecured credit not incluing my charge cards.  I can TOTALLY understand the FR..  However, I did not need to submit bank information.  I simply allowed them to see my tax information.  

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