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Fico score is 716.


Re: Fico score is 716.

I recently got denied for BoA Better Balance card with a score of 709 (was on the denial letter).


Immediately before I was approved for the Costco True Earnings card (my first Amex) - I applied back to back online 


A couple weeks later I was approved for the Barclaycard Arrival Mastercard (platinum version)


Go figure. I dislike BoA. I believe it's because I have some baddies on record from 6 years ago with them. But Chase forgave me much easier, I had severe overlimit and late payments from 5 years prior to getting the Chase Freedom. Although I do recall that I called for a recon for that and explained I was a poor college student before and that I had an actual income now and they approved me for something like 500$- and now I have 3 cards with Chase (though they Credit Line Decreased me for the 2 cards I had when I applied for the Chase Sapphire non-preferred)

1. WFCU Visa (2,000) 2. Chase Freedom (1,500) 3. Chase Amazon (300) 4. Chase Sapphire non-preferred (5,000) 5. Discover IT (3,500) 6. Capital One Quicksilver (3,000) 7. Citibank Dividend (4,300) 8. AMEX Costco True Earnings (5,000) 9. Barclaycard Arrival w/ AF (3,000) 10. Target REDcard (2,700) 11. Amex Blue Cash Everyday (10,000)
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