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Finally.. Love from GEMB!

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Re: Finally.. Love from GEMB!

ficokatie wrote:

Update for my posting.. Was approved for Lowes after I got a letter in the mail today asking for verification of my identity... Only a $400 CL, but I know that it will grow with me... No more apping for at least a year...


Also, I called yesterday to pay a random $34 medical bill on my creidt report.. The CSR said I really owed $387.. and I was dumbfounded as I had never recieved a bill. She had an address from 4 years ago, and I said that I had never gotten a bill. I asked her if I paid the whole balance if they would be deleted from my credit file.... TO my surprise she said YES since they had the wrong address... It is a good thing I called because she said the other bills were about to hit my credit report this month and would have messed up all the work I had done for the lst 3 years... SO EXCITED!



That's good news. Just make sure you get all that in writing.




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Re: Finally.. Love from GEMB!

Oh believe me I asked that question... She said that she would send an email and a letter confirmation of my payment and her notification to the Credit Companies to delete.. Still waiting for the email, but the payment hasn't gone through my account, so I hope it all works and she wasn't telling me that to just get me to pay!

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