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Finally got my PRG.

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Re: Finally got my PRG.

longtimelurker wrote:

SuperKirby wrote:

@ezdoesit, that really depends on the person. At first when the EMVs first came to the US, I thought wow, it looks so cool, like other foreign countries. Now that it's been awhile, I feel like it throws the symmetry off the credit cards. 

Yep, as I commented in another thread, for the current cards it looks like something just stuck on an existing design, and doesn't flow with it at all.   But for many there is the intial super-kewl phase, so they are happy..

Yeah, I really loved the initial super-kewl phase as well. Especially when it is new and shiny, it looks really good. However...


Another thing that bugs me about the chip's look is that if you use it (use the actual chip part) after awhile, the chip gets really scratchy. Now, on top of all my worn-out card with all the swipes, the scratches on the chip looks even more noticeable! Smiley Sad

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