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Finally in with Barclay's!

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Finally in with Barclay's!

I apped for the iTunes card this afternoon after reading about all the recent approvals. I was declined and declined on recon about 7 months ago. Got a instant denial and called the recon # and bam approved for 1k. They must be trying to sign up as many people as possible. They pulled TU and I have an obscene amount of inq's on it. That is my last app for at least 6 months! Thats what im really going to try to stick to. Im going to re-freeze my TU and EQ to help me from urges. I dont know why it feels so good to be approved but it does!  Anybody trying to get in with them now the time id say.

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Re: Finally in with Barclay's!

Congrats! I was declined for the Apple Visa card a few months back but never thought to call for a recon. Sucks, since I was really thinking of buying a new Mac book. Maybe I should try again...what number did you call by the way?

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Re: Finally in with Barclay's!

866-750-6031 its the backdoor number I got right from this board.

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Re: Finally in with Barclay's!

hi mross,what was your score,what cra did they pull from and are they bk friendly?

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Re: Finally in with Barclay's!

They pulled TU which is my lowest score ( Always seems to work that way) about 3 weeks ago I bought a car and it was a 620 so its somewhere give or take a few points around there. I dont have a BK so im not sure if they are friendly to them. He didnt even ask me about anything on my report he just asked me my income and what I did and then he asked me questions about my job. He seemed interested in it and we struck up a conversation about it and that was it approved.

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Re: Finally in with Barclay's!

mross one other question, i just finished reading some other posts,maybe you can

answer this one. so is this card exclussively for buying computers,or is a visa/mc?

it seems its a card to buy just computers. i thought is was a bank card. thats what

i'm looking to get. thanks mross.

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Re: Finally in with Barclay's!

There is 2 of them. Both Visa's which can be used anywhere. One has special 0% financing promos through apple. The other is a itunes rewards card. Both have no fees. And I looked into creditpulls people have been approved with bk's

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Re: Finally in with Barclay's!

can you please send me a link or site to apply. thank you so much

for the info mross

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Re: Finally in with Barclay's!

I don't know if they're BK friendly or not, but I applied for my Barcalys B&N mastercard on the Barnes&Noble site.

They also have a wesbite:


I will say this though, they were my first rebuilder card and have been very good with my CLI.


Before applying, I'd probably give them a call and see if they'll give you any info. about your approval chance. No point in wasting an inquiry.

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Re: Finally in with Barclay's! Go with the apple card if you are thinking of buying anything from apple in the next 30 days, so you can take advantage of the no interest offer. But when you apply, you have to place your order with apple within 30 mins of applying or you will have to wait until you get your card. Barclay sends your approval info to apple if you are approved and apple only gives you 30 mins to place your order. Get iTunes card if you use iTunes store a lot. I am typing this message on my new iPad which I just charged on my new Apple Barclaycard. Once I get it paid off in a couple months I am going to call barclaycard and ask if I can PC to the iTunes card. This iPad is gonna make me start spending a lot of money in the itunes store!!!
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