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First Credit Card App - Citi - SSA-89 form?

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Re: First Credit Card App - Citi - SSA-89 form?

thatguyyoulove wrote:

I filled out the form and sent everything in (including a copy of my most recent paystub just in case). Got approved for a $2,000 CL 3 days later. Woohoo, my first card! Smiley Very Happy


Now I just need to get everything setup correctly and figure out how to pay the card off pre-statement to keep the utilization down. I have put about $85 on it and would like to pay that off before spending any more (to keep my utilization <5% , unless that is TOO conservative of a utilization?). It says in the little help icon on the page:


 "Be sure to pay at least the minimum payment due by your due date but not more than your Current Balance."


I am trying to pay exactly my current balance but get the error:


"You have entered an amount greater than your statement balance. Please re-enter an amount less than or equal to your statement balance. "


My statement balance is obviously $0 as I just got the card. It says that the payment for this $0.00 minimum balance was June 7th.


Can I not pay before my statement comes out? I may be interpreting things incorrectly on paying off chunks to keep utilization low. I would ideally like to pay everything off every week or so. I was under the impression that you want to pay it all off (most of the time) before the statement is even cut. Is this wrong?


Here is a screenshot, with sensitive information blanked out, of the payment page.

Congrats! Citi will definitely grow with you in time!

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