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First Premier Card Issues

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First Premier Card Issues

My dad received a pre-approved letter for a First Premier Card and he promptly asked me to help him sign up online. He received the card a few days later with the $179 fee attached. It is my fault for not reading the small print or at least googling this company... Anyways, he wants to cancel the card immediately and it has not been used so I went and called customer services. However, my dad cannot speak english and the rep refused to cancel the card through the phone unless my dad personally did it. Since that is kind of impossible, she told me to send in a letter instead. That's fine by me, but I just have a question.


Will the $179 fee be waived? And would I need to include any other information besides my dad's name and card number in the letter?


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Re: First Premier Card Issues

Yes, the fees will be waived
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Re: First Premier Card Issues

First Premier. Ouch.


Hopefully someone more experienced than I will come along and give you advice. This is my opinion.


Without seeing the agreement, I would think that your father likely owes the fee. Legally, you are somewhat at their mercy.


I would write your letter. Explain that your father doesn't speak English and did not know what he was signing up for. Ask them to waive the fee when they cancel the card.


You might want to indicate below your signature line that you have sent copies of the letter to others. Heck, I'd send a copy to the South Dakota Bankers Association. I'd send a copy to credit card regulating agencies, etc. I live in South Dakota (where Premier is located), and I'd send a copy to the South Dakota congress person & senators. Will these folks make any legal difference? No...but it never hurts to keep state officials informed as to what their local boys are doing.


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Re: First Premier Card Issues

It seems someone else in this forum was in the same situation and everything worked out fine for him. Fee was waived.


I just hope they don't give me a hard time and promptly cancel the card.. ugh.


Thank you for the tips Lynette Smiley Happy

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Re: First Premier Card Issues

I believe that as long as you don't charge anything to the card and it is in the first 30 days of receiving the card, the fees will be waived and you can terminate the card.

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Re: First Premier Card Issues

If you did not activate the card or spend anything on it.  Just send in a letter and tell them you want to cancel it.  You will not be responsible for the fee's if you did not activate/use it.
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