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Re: First Premier Credit Card

I feel like this thread should be stickied for those new to the forums..just titled First Premier - Stay Away :smileytongue: 

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Re: First Premier Credit Card

jsucool76 wrote:

I feel like this thread should be stickied for those new to the forums..just titled First Premier - Stay Away :smileytongue: 

Then they'll be another thread titled "But what about Credit ONE!!" lolz

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Re: First Premier Credit Card

Another thing about them is that first year annual fee was ubber high..but now, in my second year, they are breaking it down to monthly.  So while it is still HIGH, I can cancel during the coming year if my score rises enough.  I do PIF every month, religiously.  And it is not a secured card, so that is something.  Still working my way through all this following a divorce.  

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Re: First Premier Credit Card

I've had an FP card with 9.9% APR for 3 years now and have paid them very well; ...never, ever late. With only token 2 - $100.00 to $150.00 CLI's, in March 2012 I called to increase again and was told, "You have an excellent payment history, here's another $150.00", and was immediately transferred to some clown who asked, "how about we give you another card to go along with the one you've got? I told him I didn't need another card, just want my limit increased on the one I've got to a respectable amount". Long story short, I accepted the new card with a $400.00 limit and hung up.


Last week I called for another CLI. This time, I was clearly talking to someone in a land far, far away and was told, "I'm thanking you very much for your concern, but I am not knowing". that call was a bonafide fiasco and was ultimately told "You do not qualify for a limit increase". ...REALLY???, Seriously!! I've paid you guys like a slot machine for 3 years now and you tell me NO? Okay.. Last week I received 2 new cards from Barclays and Citi with $1,300 and $1,800 limits, and those guys don't even know me.


I called FP back today and got Hadji on the phone. Told him I want to cancel both cards and close both accounts (which I had just paid to $0 balances) and was immediately transferred to a white, Anglo-Saxon American by the name of Jeff. When I told him I was canceling both accounts he replied with, "Pleeeeaaaasssse don't leave us!! I informed Jeff that I had no more use for them and was insulted by the last rep. I spoke with and further told him, "I think we're done here".


Jeff increased both my cards an additional $200.00 each and further explained that First Premier cards only go up to a $1,500.00 limit!! I proceeded to tell Jeff that, based on their paultry limit increases and the time it takes to get them, I doubt I'd live long enough to see that limit.


By the way, as reward for my excellent payment history, the 2nd card they issued me came with a 36% APR. Thanks First Premier, you guys are real sweethearts. Now, I have yet to pay a dime's worth of interest on either of those accounts because I make multiple payments each month and leave only $10-$20.00 balances. Still, it was GOODBYE TURKEYS!!!



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