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First Premier Question (Statement)


First Premier Question (Statement)

 For some strange reason, I still can not get approved for a secured card by any bank, they either

deny me, or send my deposit back saying they can't afford the risk so I went with FP anyway and

got the unsecured card since I had the money upfront anyway, I paid half of it last month, half of the 

half this month, and I'll pay the rest in the next couple of months (I could of PIF but FP

likes to see payments.


What I can't understand is some of the stuff on the statements:


Previous Balance: $xx.xx

Monthly Participation Fee: $7.00

Payment:                             $xx.xx

Monthly Participation Fee: ($7.00)

Special:                               ($3.00)


 Are they trying to be sneaky and charging me $14.00 for a $7.00 fee or are they 

for some strange reason being nice and crediting back the $7.00 fee and if so, I

wonder why they are doing that?


 Will they think that this is an error then in a few months hit me with all the fees they

credited by mistake just to make me go over the limit (which I am not even close to

at all.)  I wonder if it was because they way I made the payments to the account?


Oh, BTW, they denied me for secured also, but approved me for unsecured, 

go figure. 










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