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First Premier & Authorized Users

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First Premier & Authorized Users

Dh & myself have cc's w/FP & we're also an authorized user on each other's cc.  I noticed that for him my account doesn't show on his Experian CR but it shows for EQ & TU.  For me his account doesn't show on my TU CR only on EXP & EQ.   I contacted the CB & they advised me I needed to call FP, when I called FP they advised I needed to file a dispute w/the CB & it's not up to them to report info on the auth user credit report.  I expalined that the CB only reports what they're given so I didn't see where it would be in thier control.  I'm confused & frustrated at this point b/c I just want all three CB to have the same info.  Any help on how to resolve this?

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Re: First Premier & Authorized Users

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