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First Premier is GONE! forever!!

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Re: First Premier is GONE! forever!!

irving_magik wrote:

I was hoping there was a link to an article where First Premier was going out of business..... hahaha, no dice.


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Re: First Premier is GONE! forever!!

IECredit wrote:

Had the card around 1 year so wont effect much!!! Worst card ever!! should of never applied for it! got a statement 3 days ago saying "Your next statement will include a $49.00 annual fee" and if thats not bad enough its says there will be a MONTHLY SERVICING FEE of $10.10 a month!! **bleep**! thats new also!  I called the CSR and asked for a waiver and was flat out told NO! i paid the small balance i had on there and requested the card be closed!!!  What thieves!!!

Mine is 9.75 I think... i got the annual fee waived this past May but i also closed mine out on satuday. So glad I did. CreditOne goes next year on its anniversary.



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Re: First Premier is GONE! forever!!

Congratulations lol. Getting rid of a positive First Premier tradeline is almost as good as a PFD acceptance.

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Re: First Premier is GONE! forever!!

Swapmeet wrote:

Congrats! My first premier card anniversary is coming in 6 months, then I will close it the next day -- as I have been advised to do here at MyFico.

Swapmeet, i am perplexed; why on earth do you still have a first premier and applied bank when you have a prime 4k usaa? you ought to close FP imediately and cash out your applied bank deposit.


despite popular opinion, i feel that having a FP AT ALL, and especially open is like your credit report smoking foul tasting cancerous cigarettes. you don't need applied bank now, unless you enjoy having a secured card, in which case i agree with you. there is this part of me that wishes i had a capital bank open sky card. it is one of the best if not the best secured credit card that is GUARANTEED approval. its only 50 af and it reports to all three reports.

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