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First Prime Card

I am currently gardening, but will be leaving soon.  I would like a prime card, ideally a miles card from Chase or AmEx.  My credit profile is a pretty mixed-bag-


HSBC/Cap1 MC, opened 10/2002, $1035CL

Paypal Smart Connect, 08/2011, $1500CL

Macy's, 10/2011, $3000CL

Cap1 Visa, 11/2011, $1500CL

AmEx Zync, 12/2011, $500PSL (CL not reported)

Marathon Gas, 03/2012, $600CL

Von Maur, 06/2012, $500CL (CL not reported)

Target, 08/2012, $200CL

MTV Visa, 12/2012, $750CL, soon to be $1250


4 student loans opened in 2007-2008, 2 PIF, 2 in repayment

1 unpaid C/O in 2008, 1 settled collection in 2011

Utilitzation at 50% and dropping, 100% on-time payment history with all open (and closed) accounts


My app spree of 2011 will be dropping off soon.  During the holidays I'd like to apply for 2-3 prime cards with travel rewards and close a few of my newer toy cards.  Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated.


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Re: First Prime Card

Do you have particular interest in any travel loyalty program? 

For cash rewards, I suggest the following:

1. FIA Fidelity or Barclays Priceline: 2% on everything.

2. BofA BankAmericard Travel Rewards: 1.5% on everything; 1.65% if you bank with BofA. Free entrance to select museums on the first full weekend of every month. 
3. Discover It: 1% on everything; 5% rotating. Access to the awesome Shop Discover online mall. Price protection.

4. Chase Freedom: similar to Discover It. Access to Ultimate Rewards online mall.

5. US Bank Cash+: 1% on everything; 5% selected.

These all come without annual fees. 

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Re: First Prime Card

in addition to all of the ones listed above, I'd add Citi Platinum Dividend to the list. It's similar to the Discover It and Chase Freedom in that you get 1% cash back on everything plus 5% in rotating categories. It also comes with a PriceRewind feature, extended warranty, 60 day returns on most durable goods, rental car insurance, good customer service, etc. I've used it as my primary daily spending card for about 2 years and can't complain. 

Amex Blue Cash Preferred $3,000 line, 18.99%
Amex Hilton Honors $5000 line, 17.24%
Discover Open Road $9,500 line, 20.9%
Citi Platinum Dividend $24,800 line, 13.99%
Bank of America Platinum Rewards, 20,000 line, 13.24%
Capital One Venture One, $7,500 line, 20.9%
Chase Slate, $2,700 line, 23.9%
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Re: First Prime Card

Amex Delta is worth considering too. It's pretty much the easiest Amex card to get into, and can sometimes be easier than Chase Freedom even.

The rewards on it are decent, but outside of the general amex stuff, nothing to write home about. The reason to get it would mostly be to aim for the 3x cli in 61 days, and then have a card reporting with a substancial CL.

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Re: First Prime Card

Thank you for the advice.  I'd like to get a card that earns miles on United, Delta, or their affiliates.  I am planning to app for an AmEx Green in a few months, but would like a decent revoler too.

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Re: First Prime Card

To add to the previous lists, since you mentioned United- Chase Explorer
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Re: First Prime Card

09Lexie wrote:
To add to the previous lists, since you mentioned United- Chase Explorer

It's 45k miles bonus baby.......One of my dream card after i closing on my house :smileyvery-happy:

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