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First credit!!!

First of all I would like to thank everybody on this forum! The information that can be found here is a real treasure. My girlfriend is new to this country and she has never had any credit. I added her as an AU on one of my Citi cards and we got her : Keyban Citi Mastercard - 700 limit, US Bank Platinum - 700 limit, HSBC Best Buy - 2500, Allian CU - 2500 and an auto loan from Alliant CU - 10K. She is naw done with her first application spree and I think we got her everything she needs: 2 major bank CC which will grow with her (I have the same ones, they are at 10k and 14.5K now), A store card (she needed a laptop anyway:smileyhappy:. And a CU card (Alliant seems to be one of the best out there). She is also looking forward to buy her first car in the US! So we are done applying, will let the accounts age and increase the limts and let the inquiries fall off. Thanks again!
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Re: First credit!!!

Lexa---congratulations to you and your girlfriend.  Excellent plan and you both should be very successful.


Well done!

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Re: First credit!!!

Nicely thought out and executed.  Hope all goes well for both of you!!!
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Re: First credit!!!

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Re: First credit!!!

Congrats!  Now it sounds like it's time for some credit gardening :smileyhappy: as you know, it may not always be as exciting as those first successful app. but v. rewarding, especially in the long term.  GL!
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Re: First credit!!!

Very well thought of. Hope everything goes right. Congratulatuons on you and your gf. Now you gave me new ideas about credit cards.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

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Re: First credit!!!


You are welcome. IMHO KeyBank Citi and US BANK, are one of the best to have right now, they are very jenerous with CLI and will not cut your limit if you treat them good. Alliant is a very good CU as well, it is worth it to get your foot into their door + who else would give her <5% apr auto loan for a used car these days?:smileyhappy:

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Re: First credit!!!

WTG!!!!!!!!! Congrats! !!!!!!!!!!!


Looking for a CU CC myself.


Thank you for giving me hope!!! :smileywink:

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