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Re: Flexible spending credit card????

My Nordstrom Signature Visa started reporting my CL ($5,000) as of February. I carried a small balance for the first time, and thought maybe that was the reason. CK even shows it as "other". But I did notice that it shows on reports as Flexible Spending Credit Card. Ok, so now I have more total CL reported, and anyone who looks can see I've used very little of my available credit.


I think this is a good thing. The benefits of a Signature, and a reported CL.



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Re: Flexible spending credit card????

minimock wrote:

What is up with this? I got my brand new BOA signature visa with a $8000 CL. It shows up on my CR as a "Flexible spending credit card"


With a big fat 0 on the CL line?


After careful consideration, I have come to the healthy conclusion that this cant be any good for ye ole FICO score.


Anyone else ever see this? 

I have the same card with a $7000 CL.  I did a product change to the BOA AMEX Accelerated card.  That should get the credit line to report to the CRAs.

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Re: Flexible spending credit card????

Well. i dont think I would have got the signature except I have a checking, savings, 401k and a brokerage account with them, and all my baddies expired at the same time leaving me a clean slate and a decent score.


Thanks for the input.

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Re: Flexible spending credit card????

My think was that if the CL did not report they used highest usage as your CL.

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Re: Flexible spending credit card????


crosbyk1 wrote:

My think was that if the CL did not report they used highest usage as your CL.

That is what the NPSL cards do.  I usually pay mine off before the statement cuts but I accidentally let one post a balance one month and my score took a 20 point hit as the card looked maxed out.  The next month when it showed paid off it rebounded back plus it's only temporary.


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